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Thai celebration makes a big splash

By Ben Todd
Posted on March 6, 2014 | Columns,Opinion | Comments Off on Thai celebration makes a big splash

I don’t understand why people call it spring break when it’s still an ice age out there.

Just to be safe, maybe spring break should be moved to a later date when it’s guaranteed to be warmer.

Back in Thailand, our spring break actually happened in April. Some of you may scoff at the thought of doing so much schoolwork before this break, but there is one reason in particular why this extension to vacation was worth it in Thailand – Songkran.

On the three hottest days of the year, Thailand decides to let off some steam by having a nationwide water fight. It’s possibly more epic than you are imagining it right now. Let me go down the list of activities: getting together with your friends, put giant barrels of water in the back of your pickup truck, get your Super Soakers out, go to the center of town where you can find everyone has done the same thing and just start soaking people with water. You can also buy blocks of ice on the side of the road to make the water in your buckets freezing, and it’s worth hearing the screams of people splashed with the frigid fluid. You can also have a competition with friends as to who can put out the most cigarettes and dilute the most beer, though you might get a swear word or two in return.

My hometown, Chiang Mai, celebrated Songkran more than any other city. Apart from celebrating this Songkran the day before and after (making it five days instead of three), our city has a gigantic moat where there is unlimited squirt gun ammo. The moat is also where the water fight is the most crowded. Some segments of the moat even have set up small dance concerts for the soaked citizens and tourists. Everyone is smiling, everyone’s having fun and if you’re soaked, you’re stoked.

This year is the first time I’m not back for spring break, and I’m going to miss out on this festival. I’m bummed out, but who knows? Maybe I’ll bring a little culture to Abilene and buy myself a bucket for the holiday and soak some students between classes. Imagine the faces of students watching me walk around with a bucket of water. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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