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March Madness hits campus in challenge

By Collin Wieder
Posted on March 18, 2014 | News | Comments Off on March Madness hits campus in challenge

ACU students begin their search for the perfect bracket again this year for March Madness but not just on websites.

This week, ACU Intramurals begin it’s own Tournament Challenge for the popular sports game through This year is ACU’s first year to have the tournament. Students can register for free and registration ends tonight.

Students must create an account on ESPN’s website before entering the contest. Students then enter the bracket by searching ACU Intramurals.

The details of the brackets are endless. First, students will have to pick from 64 teams from four different regions. Then students have to move the teams along through the round of 32, the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, the Final Four and the National Title. Students not only have to guess the winner, but also the scores of the winning and losing teams.

The top 10 brackets will get T-shirts and the participants will receive intramural points.

This year’s tournament has an added incentive to play. Warren Buffett, a billionaire, is offering $1 billion dollars to the perfect bracket. Students can enter the contest at

Wesley Scott, a sophomore engineering major from Leander, thinks the challenge is impossible.

“I think it’s pretty cool if you were to win it,” Scott said. “I just don’t think anyone is going to win it ever, so it’s kind of smart on his part.”

Spots are limited in this bracket with only the first 15 million allowed to participate. The perfect bracket odds sit at 9.2 quintillion-to-one according to the Washington Post.

The perfect bracket may not happen but the top 20 most accurate brackets will receive $100,000 each.

Kyle Pinson, director of intramurals, hopes there is large participation from students and faculty.

“My hope for the tournament would be that we could get a lot of faculty, staff and students to sign up so all ACU is competing,” Pinson said. “It’s something that’s super easy to do and isn’t difficult to set up.”

Intramural points are a huge part of Intramurals, especially for social clubs, and clubs will receive points for getting individuals to participate.

“I’m always looking for ways to reach students, faculty, and staff who normally do not participate in intramurals,” Pinson said. “This is a small way to do that and increase the sense of community through a new activity.

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