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Friends, guilt and tough choices

By Ben Todd
Posted on February 25, 2014 | Columns,Opinion | Comments Off on Friends, guilt and tough choices

Now bear with me. This one’s a little haphazard.

A few nights ago, I was hanging out with Group A of friends. My Group A met with Group B of friends and we all hung out. Group B realized that Group A had the potential of being involved in sketchy activities because of Group A’s questionable morals. Group B, knowing I was oblivious to what was going on, pulled me out of Group A to hang out with them instead. Once they explained the situation to me, I was very thankful to be pulled out of an uneasy situation, but why did I keep thinking that I was just choosing the lesser of two evils?

Just like Group A, there were people in Group B that had questionable morals as well. The only difference was Group B was not performing sketchy activities at the time. They also knew me well enough to keep me away from all the sketchy things Group B did.

It’s moments like these that I ask myself, “Why can’t I just find some pals with the same moral compass I have? The same standards I have? I want to find friends who inspire me to be better, not tempt me to do worse.”

The point is, what would a real friend do when your pals engage in sketchy stuff? Am I supposed to say to them, “Hey, I’ll hang out with you until you guys do something I don’t approve of.” Do you sever the connection completely? Do you confront them at the risk of severing that relationship anyways?

One more thought: guilt. Everyone has something they no longer feel guilt towards: dugs, alcohol, sex, gossip and so on. It no longer affects them, and once they can find a group of friends that have lost their guilt to that same thing, they can do those sketchy activities together without being judged. It scares me, thinking that we no longer care about the consequences of our sins and makes me wonder what sins I no longer have guilt towards, too.

There are more aspects I wish I could touch on, but I’ve exceeded my word count. Although, this is one of those topics I’d love to hear feedback about: stories, nuggets of wisdom and rebuttals.

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