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ACU Clinic increases hours of operation

By Jesse Harper
Posted on February 6, 2014 | News | Comments Off on ACU Clinic increases hours of operation

The operation hours for the ACU Clinic were extended after they received feedback from students.

The ACU clinic is now open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and remains open during Chapel, except on Mondays.

Cindy Gravitt, office manager of the Medical and Counseling Care Center, said nurses and medical attendants began to stagger their lunch breaks to make sure students are tended to around the clock.

“By staggering lunches, this will enable at least one nurse and one medical provider to be available at all times,” Gravitt said. “This is a very small sacrifice for us in order to help students with whatever they may need.”

Gravitt said she actually prefers the operating hours over the previous ones because the clinic has a steady flow of students to assist throughout the day. Now students do not have to wait or go elsewhere.

“We want to be the students’ first thought when they may need medical assistance or counseling, and I think by adjusting our hours, students may realize that they can rely on us,” Gravitt said.

Near the conclusion of Fall semester, the ACU clinic sent a patient survey to students. The survey asked questions about what the clinic did well and how it could improve. When the clinic received the survey responses, it was evident that the students were not happy with the operating hours.

Gravitt said that the clinic exists solely to serve the students at ACU to the best of its capability, and it was apparent that the hours were keeping them from reaching that goal.

“We put up advertising on the homepage of myACU and numerous slides at Chapel,” Gravitt said. “We wanted to let students know that we received their feedback and took immediate action.”

Keairah Hanks, freshman nursing major from Dallas, is pleased that the clinic listened to the students and immediately took action.

“I think this was a very significant change and I know my friends and I are a lot more content that operating hours will not keep us from getting help when and if we need it,” she said.

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