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Solomon: Sin should not be praised

By Optimist Reader
Posted on January 30, 2014 | Letters to the Editor,Opinion | Comments Off on Solomon: Sin should not be praised

Response to “Our demand leads to celeb supply” by Mathew Solomon, junior information technology major from Austin

Ms. Alicia Wood,

To begin this response I must say that you make a valid point. The reason why Cyrus has accumulated so much fame is due to our societies’ sick fascination with celebrity immorality. I understand that the underlying message of your piece is to convey this idea but I cannot stand by quietly when you praise this person’s ability to manipulate our society with these sinful acts. By calling Cyrus a “genius” you are indirectly empowering her fiendish and obscene acts against humanity.

A solid portion of your column delves into Miley Cyrus’s downfall from a Disney channel role model to a forgotten teen star and then her recent revival into a twerking deity. Now I believe you used this portion of your piece to develop some background for your argument and I have absolutely no problem with that. What I have a problem with is how you portray Cyrus’s revival story. I feel like you describe Cyrus’s comeback into popular culture as if someone would describe the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The overall tone of her comeback tale should not resemble that of triumph. Instead it should sound like a story of humanities struggle to fight the temptations of Satan.

Overall I genuinely believe you did not intend to praise the hideous depravity of Miley Cyrus. I just think that sometimes people unintentionally applaud sin and it’s our job as Christian warriors to help our brothers and sisters fight it.

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