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Sherman was disrespectful, but not a thug

By Collin Wieder
Posted on January 28, 2014 | Columnists,Sports | Comments Off on Sherman was disrespectful, but not a thug

Richard Sherman is cockiness incarnate. Sherman has been a force in the NFL the last two years becoming one of the leagues top corners and leading the league with 16 interceptions. He has not only shut down opponents on the field but also off. Unfortunately, his game is overshadowed by his post-game rants, which leads to Sherman unjustly being called a thug.

We have heard his great story coming from the rough streets of Compton to become a Stanford graduate and a superstar NFL player. The credentials for Sherman are incredible and cannot be ignored just because of his post game interviews. Like most people, I am in agreement that yes he is a punk with a loud mouth, yet at the same time fans have been asking for this.

NFL fans wanted a new perspective on the game with players being “mic’ed up”. They want to hear the jawing going on in the game. Fans have gotten their wish, but now they explode on social media when a player makes a controversial statement. They are used to seeing press conferences that are respectful of the opposing team. Sherman has obviously changed that trend making post games interviews into a verbal slugfest.

Sherman won’t hide his feelings about his performance, and why should he? Sherman should be celebrated for his efforts to make it to the NFL. He is the epitome of the hard working fifth round pick with a chip on his shoulder.

In a game where the average career is three to four years player’s careers can end quickly. Sherman knows what it takes to get to the top at his position. His career could have been over at any moment being drafted in the fifth round because most players at that point are on the roster bubble.

I understand people are upset with his in your face disrespect of the game’s finest. It is unusual to see someone like Sherman who has only been in the league for three years taunt Tom Brady, Calvin Johnson and Darrelle Revis. Call him what you what but he just isn’t a thug. I think in all fairness to Sherman he should be rewarded for his efforts on the playing field, but he needs to pull back on his aggressive mentality.

He has done many great things off the playing field such as volunteering for the Special Olympics that show he is a high character. An egotistical jerk wouldn’t be quick to apologize for his comments against Michael Crabtree.

The situation he has created puts him in a bad light especially once the media gets a hold of it. I do not agree with the trash talking or the disrespect of other players, but in my book we shouldn’t label Sherman a thug. Fans are better than this and should leave what seems to be a high character individual alone.

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