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Changes in the Bean not running so smoothie-ly

By Brittany Jackson
Posted on January 16, 2014 | Editorials,Opinion | Comments Off on Changes in the Bean not running so smoothie-ly

Changes in the World Famous Bean could bring improvement over time, but are inconvenient for the time being. The changes have dashed some students’ resolutions of a consistent diet, and misplaced many hungry diners with the ever-changing station locations.

Apparently, the Bean took, “new year, new me,” quite literally when planning out the food inventory and service this semester. New foods are being offered, stations have been moved and the quality of the food appears to be getting better.

This does, however, present an issue for students striving to maintain a consistent diet. With the advancement of food quality and options, some staple foods seem to have been left out, such as grilled chicken and grilled cheese.

For some students, such as vegetarians, the grilled cheese was a blessing. Let’s get real, it was cheesy delight for all the lactose-tolerant folks. Eliminating that meal eliminated some happiness, and that’s just common observance.

Also, the movement of food stations has caused many diners, accustomed to the old order of things, to wander over to the past “action station” in search of pasta, only to find sandwiches and blended fruits.

Yes, recent changes may allow more variety for students in their meal choices such as the newly coveted smoothies. But as college students paying for the dining services, individuals going to the Bean should be able to get what they want, and to get it quickly.

Changes within the Bean have good intentions, but have turned common dining times like 11:30 a.m. into a mini-scale Hunger Games when everyone is rushing between stations to find what they’d like before the clock strikes 12.

Instead, the dining improvements should be spread out and introduced over time. This would allow students to adjust to one change before being thrown off completely with the next improvement.

Next, the dining services should ask the students what they would like. Whether by online surveys, talking in person or being more intentional while checking inventory, the Bean management team should express an interest in the students.

Yes, students are sometimes hard to handle and don’t mess around when it comes to food, but they are paying for the services and investing in ACU nonetheless.

Ultimately, ACU Dining Services seems to be on its way to pleasing all hungry diners alike, but needs to consult more with students before making major changes.

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