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ACU events rescheduled after ice storm

By Kirsten Holman
Posted on January 14, 2014 | News | Comments Off on ACU events rescheduled after ice storm

Several social clubs and campus organizations are planning rescheduled events after harsh weather conditions before the Christmas Break forced many to cancel their parties and socials.

Treadaway Kids had planned a Christmas party for mentors and their kids the night of Dec. 5 but had to cancel the event because the roads were too slick to travel with the kids.

“Our big thing was safety,” said Mary Beth Cuevas, associate director of ACU Leadership Camps. “We didn’t want our college students to be put in a rough spot between a rock and a hard place with taking care of kids and for anything to happen. I trust those college kids, they are so good and have all gone through training and I trust them. I just don’t trust other drivers out there or the ice. So that’s why we made that decision.”

Cuevas had expected between 50 and 60 people to attend the Christmas party and hopes for a good turnout at a rescheduled party.

“We are going to make it a winter party, and do something in January or early February with the kids,” said Cuevas. “We are definitely going to make it up to the kids because it’s fun and we like to have a party too.”

Zeta Rho’s Christmas social, which was going to be at the Courtyard Marriott, was also canceled during the ice week because of unsafe road conditions.

Kelsie Andrews, senior nutrition major from San Antonio, and president of Zeta Rho said the club had set the date and time for the event before Thanksgiving. Andrews never suspected a drastic change to the plans, but decided to reschedule the Christmas social for Jan. 17.

“I thought it would make the event uncomfortable by walking around in short dresses and heels in such cold weather,” Andrews said. “But I had no idea that the weather would actually create a safety hazard to where we couldn’t travel down the street.”

Zeta Rho rescheduled their Christmas social to Friday

Sigma Theta Chi rescheduled their Christmas social to Saturday

Frater Sodalis is in the process of rescheduling its Christmas social.

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