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Students create 5K for breast cancer

By Brittany Sanchez
Posted on November 5, 2013 | News | Comments Off on Students create 5K for breast cancer

Three ACU students took on the challenge of organizing their own 5K fun run around the Lunsford Trail to raise awareness for breast cancer. All of the proceeds from the Pink Love Run will go to the Susan B. Koman foundation.

Elizabeth Watters, sophomore family studies major from Houston, organized the event to show support for her friend Jaclyn’s mom, who was diagnosed with breast cancer over the summer.

“I thought this would be a great way to show my support for her and her family,” said Watters.

Jaclyn Hurt, sophomore music education major from Houston, said motivation to start fundraising came to her when she was feeling useless while watching her mom go through chemo-therapy and not being able to come up with any way to help her.

“So, if I can’t help my mom directly, I will help the entire cause instead. I feel really good about doing this,” said Hurt.

The students started fundraising by making and selling bracelets as a way to donate money to the Susan G. Komen organization. Watters and Hurt said the idea for a fun run came up one day over summer while they were Skyping.

Although the women did not go through an organization for the run, Watters said they were persistent in making it an event.

Mark Jackson, director of student organizations and programs, said Watters has gone through several steps to ensure the event takes place.

Watters planned the Pink Love Run with the help from Hurt and their friend Miranda Dickson, sophomore graphic design major from Austin. Watter said it took about three weeks to get it started and she has gained permission to use Residence Life’s tables.

Jackson said students who wanting to organize an event in support of a cause are more than welcome to do so. All events must follow the guidelines and requirements in order for the event to happen.

The Pink Love Run for Cancer will take place Nov. 16 at 10 a.m.

Watters said that there will be a table set up in the Campus Center the week prior to the event for people to sign up and fill out a waiver form, as well as selling bracelets and necklaces. The entry fee will be $7.

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