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SA talks bills, budgets and updates

By Brittany Jackson
Posted on November 1, 2013 | News | Comments Off on SA talks bills, budgets and updates

During Student Congress’s meeting on Wednesday members listened to a guest speaker, passed a bill, reviewed progress on the budget and discussed committee updates.

The meeting began with Bob Strader, director for ministry and service, speaking to the congress about Season of Caring coming up later in the month and ways that students could become involved. He spoke on the importance of ACU involvement and how Students’ Association could positively influence that.

After Strader finished, Sean Branchaw, junior finance major from Derwood, Mo., proposed a bill to allocate no more than $1,250 for the purchase and installment of a bicycle rack outside of Moody Coliseum. He said the rack would also have a plaque recognizing SA’s contribution to campus.

“There is an increase in bikes used around Moody Coliseum during Chapel and other peak times with no bike racks present,” Branchaw said.

Branchaw said it would cost about $800 for the bike rack itself, $200 to paint it to meet ACU regulations and about $20 for the plaque. The leftover money would be reserved as “safety funding” to be used in case issues arose, and, if no complications occurred, would be placed back into SA’s congressional budget.

In support of this project, Branchaw said Corey Ruff, executive director of facilities and campus management, covered the installation costs through his own budget.

Jan Meyer, interim vice president of student life and dean of students, said this agreement with Ruff drastically reduced the overall cost for SA. She said Student Life is spending about $4,000 to install four to five bike racks in front of multiple dorms between now and next semester.

The bill passed unanimously.

Congress then reviewed the budget and confirmed that student groups were still spending the money allotted to them.

Committee updates are as follows: finance leader J.P. Ralston said that appropriations to student groups went well. Internal affairs officer Rodney Johnson said the committee was beginning to work with the men’s basketball team for the promotion of their first game. Traditions officer Dylan Benac said the committee is continuing it the development of a Candelight Devo send off for seniors, which Connor Osburn said about $2,500 is expected to be requested for candles, plastic protectors and sound equipment.

Those absent at the meeting:

  • Jessica Carrigan
  • Diamond Cobb
  • Asim Dobani
  • JP Festa
  • Itzel Garcia de Alba
  • Rudy Garza
  • Stephen Martin
  • Chukwuma Oputa
  • Benton Orr
  • Maddie Pickle
  • David Sanderson
  • Brooke Savko
  • Samone Smith
  • Andrew Tate
  • Kaitlyn Tuiasosopa
  • Trevor Wyatt
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