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SA passes four new bills, allocates funds

By Brittany Jackson
Posted on November 14, 2013 | News | Comments Off on SA passes four new bills, allocates funds

Four bills to allocate funds towards events on campus were passed at Wednesday’s Students’ Association meeting.

The first of which was “Thanksgivmas,” presented to Congress by Beau Carter, sophomore political science major from Farmers Branch. He requested that SA allocate no more than $300 to provide Sharon’s Barbeque and other refreshments for SA’s celebration of Thanksgiving/Christmas the Wednesday before Thanksgiving break.

The bill passed unanimously.

Next, Allison Brown, freshman convergence journalism major from Midland, Bailey Thomas, sophomore marketing major from Lubbock, and Stephen Estrada, junior management major from San Antonio, proposed a bill to allocate no more than $1,450 be allocated to their involvement in Christmas Slam.

Christmas Slam is an event where SA partners with other student groups and the ACU basketball teams for a night of fun and games. It will be hosted in Moody Coliseum on Dec. 3.

In addition to taking on the responsibility of decorating all of Moody Coliseum, as opposed to delegating tasks to different student groups, SA also wants to provide about 500 shirts to those attending the game.

According to Thomas, the Department of Athletics already agreed to match 250 shirts to SA, requiring Congress to pay for only 250 shirts out of the fund.

“We know that shirts are such a big part of not only something that students like, but of ACU, for mainly every single event we have some sort of shirt,” Thomas said. “This would help commemorate help remember the condition of Christmas Slam that we’ve had for the past few years.”

The shirts would be free for students, and given out on a first-come first-serve basis.

In total, about $750 would be spent on the T-shirts, $500 on reusable decorations for Moody and $200 on furthering the mission of getting the desired 3,000 or more students to the game through promotion of the event.

The bill passed unanimously.

Then Savannah Hostetter and Caleb Orr requested no more than $250 to be allocated to the freshman class for a class dead day celebration. Orr said the money would ideally be spent on Scantrons, food and stress-relieving activities. They also hope to create and give away 100 T-shirts as a way to promote the celebration. With this petition, Hostetter and Orr made the freshman class the first to use money in their class fund.

The bill passed unanimously.

Lastly, Judith Duran, junior nursing major from McAllen, petitioned that no more than $130 be allocated to fund a town hall meeting for students of the nursing program in Zona Luce.

“It’s the first year that ACU has a school of nursing and, quite frankly, it’s a really unique experience compared to students that are part of the smaller department, because you spend every single class with those other 50 students,” Duran said. “It’s a really big picture of unity, and since it’s the first program that ACU has, it’s a really unique opportunity to set the standard and level of which the nursing school will be held to.”

Through providing refreshments of La Popular burritos and orange juice, Duran said she hopes the students will enjoy the event and build relationships with one another.

The bill passed unanimously.

In conclusion, SA allocated $1,830 to initiatives on campus in the meeting.

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