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Student cyclist hit by vehicle

By Staff
Posted on October 8, 2013 | News | Comments Off on Student cyclist hit by vehicle

Sophomore David Norwood was hit by a vehicle while cycling across the intersection of Campus Court and EN 16th Street, sending him to the hospital Monday morning.

Around 8:00 a.m. a SUV hit Norwood, a nursing major from Rockwall, causing him to fly off the bicycle, said Sydney Wooton, eyewitness and junior social work major from Uvalde.

“I was walking to class. I hear a horn honk and looked up. I saw the car hit him. He flew off his bike and shot forward,” Wooton said. “I was worried he had landed on his head, so I ran over to check on him.”

The cyclist said he didn’t feel he had injured his head, back or neck, Wooton said.

Lt. Randy Motz of the ACU Police Department said Norwood was conscious and breathing.

“He complained of his hip hurting but all things considered didn’t seem to be in critical condition,” said Motz. “They took him by ambulance to Hendrick to get his hip checked.”

A woman who was driving her children to school was traveling East towards Judge Ely Blvd., didn’t see Norwood coming across the crosswalk in front of University Church of Christ, Motz said.

“She hit him and knocked him quite a distance,” he said.

Norwood was wearing a backpack full of books which helped break his fall. Norwood was released from Hendrick Hospital on Monday afternoon with his most serious injury being road rash.

“Everybody needs to be cautious whether your traveling on foot or bike when you’re crossing the streets. There is lots of traffic in the morning,” said Motz. “I want to caution to make sure that you’re not driving while distracted on your phone or things like that. People come out from in between cars and it’s easy to miss them.”

The Abilene Police Department has jurisdiction over the continuing investigation because the location of the accident, EN 16th Street is a public road.

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