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Bitsy’s Flower Shop closes doors after 38 years

By Brittany Jackson
Posted on August 27, 2013 | News | Comments Off on Bitsy’s Flower Shop closes doors after 38 years
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Bitsy’s Flowers, a family owned business, closed its doors on May 22, 2013. (Optimist photo by Deanna Romero)

Bitsy’s Flowers is closing up shop after about 38 years of service. The next residents of the building off Campus Court are yet to be determined.

Bitsy Gregory, owner of Bitsy’s Flowers, said that she has gotten offers from three different people to buy her building, but is waiting to see “who does the best job putting the money out”.

Today, the flower shop is a combination of four different properties, what used to be a beauty shop, tailor shop, and grocery store before Gregory added the buildings to her already existing flower shop. She said that the large area of property could operate four to five small businesses or one mega-business within it.

Gregory said ACU is among those who have made offers to buy the property.

“They have offered, but I didn’t like their offer. So I told them, ‘Go back t0 the drawing board and try again.’”

The idea to open her own flower shop evolved after Gregory began creating and selling wood fiber flowers from her home and was notified by the city that her work counted as a business, so she had to operate out of a proper building like one. A few months and many how-to books on flower arrangements later, Gregory found the perfect location and began her flower shop.

Established on Sept. 10 1975, the family-owned business has been a major contributor of flower arrangements, snack baskets, candy baskets, mums, wedding arrangements, funeral arrangements, balloons and many other specially requested arrangements here in Abilene, as well as elsewhere outside Taylor County.

Stephanie Woodlee, executive assistant of the office of the president, said that she called Bitsy’s for flower decorations on multiple occasions.

“She was just very accommodating to all of our needs,” Woodlee said. “I really enjoyed doing business with her for the years that we were able to.”

Gregory said that she’s been making flower arrangements since she was a child, and has loved doing it ever since.

“Flowers are, well, they’re God’s gift for smiles. You really can’t give anyone a flower that they don’t smile when they get it,” she said. “They give you a feeling when you’re making it, its very relaxing.”

The shop was not scheduled to close until July 2013, but Bitsy’s Flowers ended up closing their doors May 22, 2013.

As of now, Gregory is working on selling the rest of her shop’s merchandise, which includes everything from ribbons and stuffed animals to vases and furniture. If anyone is interested in looking at the inventory she said they can call her at 325-261-1968.

Gregory said her dream retirement would be riding up the Mississippi on a paddleboat one last time and then experiencing the paddleboat ride from Washington state to Idaho.

“I’ve just had, really, a good time. It’s been fun and I’ve enjoyed it, but when you know its time to quit, you quit.”

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