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America’s team fighting turmoil

By Collin Wieder
Posted on August 26, 2013 | Columnists,Sports | Comments Off on America’s team fighting turmoil

The Dallas Cowboys are a franchise built on the traditions of polished talent and winning.

Unfortunately, the Cowboys have become the embodiment of mediocrity and underachieving the last three seasons.

The team has struggled to a combined record of 22 wins and 26 losses over the last 48 games.

The main problems that the Cowboys have experienced are: bad offensive line play, poor defensive secondary play, injuries and the inability to win in the clutch.

Dallas addressed many of their key issues through the draft and free agency.

They drafted Center Travis Frederick to replace Often injured Phil Costa on the offensive line.

The Cowboys addressed the secondary by drafting safety JJ. Wilcox and Cornerback BW. Webb.

In free agency the Cowboys added Justin Durant to start at strong side linebacker.

They also return star linebackers Bruce Carter and Sean Lee from injuries last season.

The team also changed Defensive Coordinators over the offseason from Rob Ryan to Monte Kiffin.

The change of coordinators changes the defensive scheme to a 4-3 defense.

The move to the 4-3 will hopefully take the pressure off the linebackers so they can roam freely sideline to sideline.

The 4-3 moves pass-rushing linebackers DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer to a previously weak defensive line unit.

Dallas should see a change in offensive play calling as Bill Callahan will take over and hopefully take advantage of starting running back DeMarco Murray.

Jason Garrett had previously been the play caller but his pass happy approach caused too many mistakes on offense and too many hits on Tony Romo.

Fans have often blamed Tony Romo for the miscues and poor play in big games over the last few seasons.

On the contrary, Romo is the reason the Cowboys have been able to stay in games when the defense has failed to stop opponents. The Cowboys have made

multiple improvements this offseason the questions is will they be enough? If Dallas can stay healthy and take the pressure off Tony Romo they should be able to

compete for the NFC East title. If the Cowboys do not they will continue this cycle of disappointment and wasted seasons.

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