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Power plant malfunction shuts down Abilene Hill

By Staff
Posted on May 2, 2013 | News | Comments Off on Power plant malfunction shuts down Abilene Hill

A power-outage Thursday morning plunged the university into darkness.

Kristian Allen, director of on-campus facilities management, said he visited with American Electric Power, the electricity provider for ACU. Allen said they stated the outage was caused by a transmission problem on their end.

The power went out across campus at 9:53 a.m. and came back on at 10:15 a.m.

Though the campus was without electricity for only 22 minutes, several classes were interrupted by the sudden loss of power.

Sean Marmolejo, junior family studies major from China Spring, was in Dr. Steven Wages’ class, Aging and the Family, when the power-outage occurred.

“It went all dark obviously, and we waited a few minutes and then were released from class,” Marmolejo said.

He said Wages was concerned because the fire alarms went off for a second. Marmolejo said the professor couldn’t access the material he needed, so he let the students leave.

Lindsay Cranford, sophomore business management and marketing major from Abilene, was about to start a group presentation in her CORE class when the power went out.

“It’s just putting a stop to a lot of work and it’s not a good time because finals are coming up,” she said.

Rachel Varner, junior accounting major from Abilene, joked the Mayans might have been correct in predicting the end of the world and the “zombie apocalypse is upon us.”

“Maybe ‘The Walking Dead’ had it right,” she said.

Melany Cox, Madeline Orr and Mark Smith contributed to this story.

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