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Benac elected president, Rodney Johnson to be VP, treasurer candidates to face off Friday

By Staff
Posted on April 11, 2013 | News | Comments Off on Benac elected president, Rodney Johnson to be VP, treasurer candidates to face off Friday

Two of the three Students’ Association executive officers have been elected: Dylan Benac will be the next president of SA, and Rodney Johnson won the race for vice president. However, Tyler Eidson and J.P. Ralston aren’t done campaigning for treasurer yet.

Ralston, junior finance and accounting major from Plano, received 588 votes, or 49.5 percent of the 1,185 votes cast in the treasurer election. But, though he received the most votes, he had to get more than 50 percent of the total votes to be elected. Eidson, sophomore marketing and finance major from College Station, received the second-most votes in the race, 373, and will face Ralston in a runoff election on Friday.

Ralston, who was five votes short of victory, said he had expected a runoff to occur.

“I think Tyler had a really good advertising campaign, but I’m still very confident that I’m the best candidate for the position,” he said.

Eidson said he’s glad that if he doesn’t win, Ralston will.

“He’ll do a great job and I’ll be happy for him,” he said. “And I’ll know it was God’s plan for him to win and that’s completely cool.”

Benac, junior political science major from Boerne and current SA vice president, said he had been nervous about the election.

“I’m really excited and kind of relieved honestly,” he said. “I was really worried about a runoff.”

Johnson, sophomore management major from Odessa, said the week was stressful and required a lot of hard work.

“There was a lot of social media pushes and trying to get the student body to understand what I’ve been working on for them for the past year,” Johnson said.

Current SA Executive Treasurer Joseph Austin served as this year’s election co-chair. Austin, senior accounting pre-law major from Houston, said students have taken more notice of the Students’ Association.

“They’re starting to value these positions even more,” he said.

Austin said he was proud of the election committee and candidates for their hard work.

“I thought we just had some fabulous candidates and that’s evident in how close some of the races were,” he said.

Austin said he was excited for either Ralston and Eidson to be elected.

“Both of them have extensively talked to me about improvement in treasury,” he said. “Both of them have gone all out with their campaigning.”

Austin said for Benac and Johnson to enjoy the moment, but to prepare for hard work.

“This job is about empowering students and lowering yourself to lift them up,” he said.

The runoff will take place in the Campus Center on Friday from 11:30-5 p.m.

Josh Garcia, Madeline Orr and Mark Smith contributed to this report.

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