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Arizona, here we come

By Brittney Johnson
Posted on April 30, 2013 | Sports | Comments Off on Arizona, here we come
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Sophomore Brittney Reed leaps up to hit a ball in a regional matchup against Tarleton State University Monday afternoon at the Eager Tennis Pavilion. Reed was playing a doubles match with teammate Julia Mongin. They won their match 8-1. (Optimist photo by Curtis Christian)

The No. 5 nationally ranked women’s tennis team is ending their Lone Star Conference (LSC) and Division II term with a bang.

Monday, the team hosted the Tarleton State TexAnns in the NCAA Division II South Central Regional Tournament here at home, at the Eager Tennis Pavilion.

The team easily dominated with doubles being played first. Right away, they proved once again that the Wildcats will always protect their house, winning all three of their doubles and both of the singles matches that were played.

At this phase of the season, most of the singles matches have gone unfinished in an effort to keep the pace of the day and rest the players.

With her return to the court from an injury, Julia Mongin was paired with Brittney Reed as they defeated Alicia Perez and Karla Martinez-Hamda 8-1.

Duo Micah Hermsdorf and Hannah Kelley took on Melanie Barnes and Ivana Zecevic 8-2.

The pair of Laura Mongin and Kaysie Hermsdorf gained the last team point for doubles, challenging Makenzie Mitchell and Marina Rull 8-3.

Before the matches went unfinished, the singles matches were looking bright for the Wildcats.

The match of Julia was strong with 6-4, 2-2, Micah and Kelley was serving 6-4, 0-1,  and Reed was going 6-1, 2-0, before their matches were decided to be left unfinished.

Senior Laura Mongin gained a team point for her finished match where she defeated with Tarleton’s Zecevic 6-0 straight.

Kaysie Hermsdorf also gained team point for her finished match against  Silvia Nieva-Garcia 6-1, 6-1.

This 5-0 victory against Tarleton is the second time the Wildcats have triumphed against them this season.

With their record currently 27-5 overall, the 13th straight win for the team sends them to the NCAA Round 16 Tournament, where they will face off Columbus State University May 8 with hopes of advancing to the quarterfinals.

The team has nothing to fear as this is their 26th regional title and its 18th appearance in a NCAA Divison II Tournament.

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