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Shinnery Review accepting submissions

By Brittany Jackson
Posted on February 15, 2013 | News | Comments Off on Shinnery Review accepting submissions

The Shinnery Review is a completely student-run literary magazine that focuses on getting students to expand their artistic horizons. Its modern format and interesting content has kept the magazine in publication for 18 years.  Consistent in its production, it has won national competitions, including two state awards two years ago at the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association convention.

Students from every major and classification are welcome to submit their work.  Short stories, poetry and photography are published in the printed version of the magazine. There is also an online version which features short films and musical submissions as well.

Dr. Shelly Sanders, associate professor in the English department, said, “This is a great opportunity for a student in any grade or major see their work get published in a really awesomely designed literary magazine.”

As one of the faculty sponsors, Dr. Sanders gets to see a lot of what goes on behind the scenes of publication.

All published students who are featured in the magazine are also invited to perform their art at the debut event, the Black Tulip. Family, friends, staff and more are welcome to attend the event towards the end of April. Located at the Shore Art Gallery, there will be food, poetry readings, musicians and an open mic opportunity for those who missed submitting to the magazine.

The literary magazine differs from a literary journal by allowing more freedom in embracing different styles of work, such as offering more music and art. Therefore, the staff encourages all students to submit their work, to enhance the artistic value.

Dr. Steven Moore, associate professor in the English department, said, “It’s so interesting for me to hear about stories where people believe that they had nothing of value to contribute… They were very shy about their work, or believed that it didn’t matter, or didn’t have anything significant to offer the world, and then they said they were so thankful that they took a step out on faith.”

Dr. Moore said he is thankful to be working alongside the organization as a faculty sponsor.

In addition to publishing its own literary magazine, the English department offers many opportunities for students to get involved. Each semester the department puts on events that allow all students to share their works of art, whether that be slam poetry, standard poetry reading or musical performances.

The deadline for submissions is March 15.

“Right now we’re just trying to get the word out…submit, submit, submit. We’re pleading for people to submit,” said Dr. Moore.

For more information on how to enter their specific form of art, students can email

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