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Dance teams preparing for shows

By Christina Williamson
Posted on February 5, 2013 | News | Comments Off on Dance teams preparing for shows

As Sing Song is fast approaching, everyone is dancing around campus getting organized, losing sleep and trying to focus on preparing for the performances.

For the first time in several years, ACU is bringing back the Sing Song Dance Team. The team consists of students with all different types of dancing styles. This year the dance team will perform 18 numbers throughout the show consisting of classical, contemporary, swing, step, modern, and country two-step. Many students participating in the dance team are members of SHADES, ACU Swing Cats, Omega Dance Co., and Sanctify.

For tryouts this year 55 students attempted to make the dance team. Only 30 students were chosen. Two dance professionals were brought in to evaluate the students and make suggestions for the dance team. Kirby Wilkerson, sophomore nutrition major from Abilene, describes the tryouts as “intense.”

“We did a lot of center floor; tends, piles and flexibility,” she said.  “Then some across the floor work, kicks, more turns. All of which were so hard to do because there were so many people. We were squished.”

The students were then taught a routine of fast combinations to a song in the show and then performed it for the judges.

Rehearsals for Sing Song are numerous. Students on the dance team are rehearsing every night and even have weekend rehearsals in hopes of producing an amazing show. Not only are students practicing on their own time but they are also working close with their choreographer, Teri Wilkerson, and the hosts and hostess of the show. Rehearsals started in January but the students seem to be having more fun just being able to dance.

The dance team is also planning on honoring Lindsey Smith. Smith was on the Sing Song Dance Team and Sing Song production team, she was also the dance manager and a member of the judge team. Smith was killed in a car accident on Jan. 25.

Tom Craig, director of Student Activities and Sing Song director, said, “The students are planning some subtle nods to recognize Lindsey. That recognition will be explained fully in the Sing Song Program.”

Wilkerson said during the auditions Lindsey had on the “greatest red cowboy boots,” and because of that the students who are participating in the two-stepping dance number will wear red cowboy boots in her honor.

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