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Co-founder recounts Omega’s beginning

By Wyatt Morgan
Posted on February 21, 2013 | Arts & Culture | Comments Off on Co-founder recounts Omega’s beginning
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Kelcie Broom, senior art major from Richardson, TX shows off some of her dance moves. (Optimist photo by Mandy Lambright)

To Kelcie Broom the 24th and final letter of the Greek alphabet, Omega, doesn’t necessarily signify the end, but merely the continuation of worship and expression through dance. The senior art major from Richardson, Texas, created the Omega Dance Co. four years ago with former Wildcat Sarah Boleslawski.

As the dance company prepares for their spring show slated for the weekend of April 13 in Cullen Auditorium, Broom shared information about the origins of Omega, the goals which the group of dancers wishes to achieve, and the direction she hopes that the company will take in the future.

“As I got to ACU my freshman year, I danced at a studio in town and soon after was encouraged to start a dance company on campus,” Broom shared.

With the help of Boleslawski, the two spearheaded the operation and coined their newfound contemporary and jazz dance group, the Omega Dance Co.

When asked about the roots of the company name, Broom explained that “it was pulled from God’s name of the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and end. We are the last part of it. It isn’t about what we are doing personally per-se, but it’s more about what Jesus is doing through us.”

Kelcie Broom

As the group has grown and matured over the past four years, they have performed at The Ethnos Cultural Show, Sing Song, the Shades and Sanctify shows, as well as their own spring shows.

This year the theme for Omega’s upcoming and anticipated spring show in April is “Consumed.”

“There are dances for different things that we tend to get consumed in, like perfection, fashion, or money and of course the good things that we get consumed in being grace and Jesus’ love”

Paige Berry, a junior from Houston, Texas, and a member of Omega, shared her excitement about the upcoming spring show.

“My teammates are my sisters, and it’s really cool to do what you love, with those you love, for the people you love.”

Through fundraising efforts, by the time of their spring show, Omega hopes to purchase a Marley floor, a specially coated surface for dancers to temporarily cover the existing stage in Cullen that can be rolled out just for performances.

Broom looks forward to Omega not being the only ones to profit from this venture.

“This type of floor is something that all dance groups would benefit from — because the floor in Cullen is splintery!”

As she leaves Abilene after graduating in May with the hope of becoming a dance instructor for a high school drill team, Broom is excited and hopeful for the company’s direction.

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