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Clean sweep: Seniors go 4-4, Trojans win first, Siggies win close battle

By Staff
Posted on February 17, 2013 | News,Showcase | Comments Off on Clean sweep: Seniors go 4-4, Trojans win first, Siggies win close battle
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Nick Tatum, senior family studies major from Plano and director of the senior act, celebrates with the rest of the senior performers when they’re announced the winners of the mixed voices. (Optimist photo by Mandy Lambright)

Nick Tatum and the class of 2013 swept the competition with their fourth Sing Song victory Saturday evening.

The men of Trojans won their first Sing Song title and the women of Sigma Theta Chi won their 18th Sing Song title.

The seniors took every category for mixed competition this year. The group has seized overall victory for the previous three years as well.

Tatum, family studies major from Plano, has led the class of 2013 all four years.

“We just feel incredibly blessed to have done this,” Tatum said. “I think the bonds we’ve formed and the experiences we’ve had are really even more important than the trophy that we got, but altogether we’re truly grateful to God for allowing us to have this experience.”

Elle Whitaker, senior management major from Plano, said it felt indescribable to win.

“We’ve worked so hard for four years, it’s something like I can’t even put into words,” Whitaker said. “I’m just so excited at all our hard work and all our dedication and the love we have for each other translated into that tonight.”

The seniors will be donating their $1,000 prize money to the Dr. Jinkerson Scholarship Fund.

Siggies and Trojans gathered on the stage after the final performance to sing their club songs.

Matt Bowman, senior vocal music education major from Brookhaven, Miss. and Trojans director, holds the men’s club’s first Sing Song trophy before the club’s performers. (Optimist photo by Adrian Patenaude)

Trojans won every category for the men’s competition.

Matt Bowman, senior vocal music education major from Brookhaven, Miss. and director of Trojans, said his reaction to the club’s first win was “shock” and “pure joy.”

“We worked to hard to push ourselves everyday,” Bowman said. “I’m so proud of my guys. They did great.”

Bowman said the Trojans aren’t sure which charity they will donate their prize money to. He said they will try to decide if they want to split the money between the Jinkerson family and Lindsey Smith’s family.

Weston Schulte, junior communications major from College Station and member of Trojans, said the everyone in the club “gave it their best shot.”

“We put as much work into it as we could,” he said. “Even if we hadn’t won, it was still a great experience, and this really is a brotherhood that we’ve got here so we’re hoping to grow it throughout the years.”

Schulte said he had a feeling Trojans would win because of their ranking in the vocals category.

“It was still amazing and I loved it, every moment,” he said.

Jessica Welshans, senior music major from Spring and Sigma Theta Chi director, raises her arms in triumph when the Siggies are named the women’s voice champions. (Optimist photo by Mandy Lambright)

Siggies took second place in the entertainment category, first in vocals and first overall to win their 18th title.

Hannah Henderson, junior graphic design major from Tyler and member of Sigma Theta Chi, said she was proud of her club sisters and her friends.

“We just worked so hard and just put our heart and soul into it,” she said, “and we really dug deep and tried to sing through Christ and find this victory through him. We couldn’t have done it without our amazing choreographers, director, props person; it’s such a team thing and it’s such a God thing. Without him none of this would have been possible.”

Henderson said Siggies are also planning to donate their prize money to the Dr. Jinkerson Scholarship Fund. Dr. Jinkerson’s daughter is a member of Sigma Theta Chi.

Melany Cox and Joshua Garcia contributed to this report.

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