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Students lead Community Swap

By Staff
Posted on October 19, 2012 | News | Comments Off on Students lead Community Swap

Tuesday, four ACU students put on a Community Swap by the GATA fountain. Students in the ACU community brought items that they had no use for anymore and donated them to those who did.

This idea came from four students, Krista Cukrowski, Luke Luttrell, Colby Hatchett and Christy Duke, who needed to come up with a project that would benefit the community for their Environmental Science class with Dr. Jim Cooke. The swap was completely student led.

“We chose a swap because there are so many things that lie useless around our dorms and houses that someone else could possibly put to use,” said Hatchett, an undeclared student from Fort Worth.

The purpose for this event ran deeper than a class assignment.

“The whole point is to not be wasteful,” said Cukrowski, sophomore digital entertainment technology major from Abilene.

“It’s about reusing and being less of a consumer, but most importantly it is about being a community,” she said.

The swap had a much better turnout than expected, and the student leaders were pleased with how smoothly the event ran.

A variety of items were exchanged including clothes and frisbees. A lucky student was even able to attain a vintage marching hat.

“Every item exchanged counts, and even though we may not always think about it, the little things can make a big difference,” said Cukrowski.

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