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Athletes get involved with Triathlon Club

By Staff
Posted on October 30, 2012 | News | Comments Off on Athletes get involved with Triathlon Club

Athletes on campus are eagerly anticipating the opening of the ACU Triathlon Club.

The club looks to bring students interested in preparing for triathlons together.

Jonathan Martin, junior biology major and experienced triathlete from San Antonio, is the president of the Triathlon Club and has a desire to establish community among fellow triathletes.
“Our focus is to increase interest in the sport on campus and provide triathletes with community and support,” said Martin.

However, the club will not only target triathletes.

“We have people who have just done one, and then we have people who have never done one but are just interested,” said Martin. “You don’t have to be that good at all three disciplines. It’s not something you have to be good at to get started with.”

Martin foresees a variety of experience levels participating in the club.

Caitlin Hanisco, senior children and family ministry major from Memphis, Tenn., is also anticipating the club’s arrival on campus. Competing in close to a dozen triathlons along with a half-Ironman with Martin last April, Hanisco said she has been “bitten by the bug” of triathlon racing.

“I see the triathlon club benefiting new and seasoned athletes alike,” said Hanisco. “For those of us who have competed before, it will be a means by which we can share our passion for the multi-sport and train alongside a community of people who make training a lifestyle. For those desiring to get more involved in the sport, it will be a place to learn and grow in all of the different disciplines.”

Martin and Hanisco expect the club to be successful because of the growing popularity of the sport.

Club meetings will focus on training, information, stories and opportunities to get involved. Members are hopeful that they will achieve their goals of re-establishing the ACU Triathlon and competing in USAT collegiate races in the near future.

“My advice for those who might be interested in participating is to not be intimidated by the sport,” said Hanisco. “Anyone who is willing and able can get out and train. Everyone has to start somewhere, and the only place to go is up. Start running, get in the pool, hop on a bike, and sign up to be a part of our team.”

Contact Caitlin Hanisco,, or Jonathan Martin,, for more information on getting involved.

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