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Poetry slam and hip-hop concert to express creativity

By Staff
Posted on September 13, 2012 | News | Comments Off on Poetry slam and hip-hop concert to express creativity

Summit is an annual event that encourages creative Christian thought and ministry, making it the perfect setting for a poetry slam and hip-hop concert.

Matt Preston, junior ministry major from Abilene, more commonly  known as Christian hip hop artist M.A. Double, is excited about the addition of a hip hop concert to this year’s Summit schedule.

After giving his life to the Lord in the summer of 2010, Preston was presented with the opportunity to minister using his love for rap and hip hop.

“It kind of fell into my lap,” Preston said. “For me, it is a way to put a sermon into a type of popular music that people enjoy.”

Fellow student, sophomore Darren Hagood, is no stranger to the rap scene. At the age of thirteen, Hagood was drawn to rap lyrics and began writing on his own in the form of poetry.

With over a dozen performances to date, Hagood has experienced the need for poetry in Christianity.

“It’s different from a church service where people are coming for religious beliefs or because their parents are forcing them to go,” Hagood said. “For poetry, people are coming to hear a message or to be moved. It just opens up the stage for anyone to come and speak.”

Since such a large number of ACU students believe in this freedom of expression, the event will also be an open mic night where fellow artists and poets can come and contribute to the Summit experience.

Summit coordinators, such as Dr. Brady Bryce, director of ministry events and assistant professor of ministry in the Graduate School of Theology, are already anticipating the positive impact this ministry will have on campus. Bryce expects this unique performance to reach widely among the student body and to resonate with attendees.

“Summit highlights many different gift sets and experiences,” Bryce said. “Normally when people think about ministry they think only about the specific gift sets of people at the front in public worship. Actually art, music, drama and speech help express how there are many unique ways to represent our faith in God.”

The slam and concert will be held on Tuesday from 8:30-10 p.m. in Chapel on the Hill.

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