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English to create office space for Foreign Language

By Hannah Barnes
Posted on April 20, 2012 | News | Comments Off on English to create office space for Foreign Language

Faculty in the Department of English will begin shuffling offices this summer to welcome their new building-mates from the Department of Foreign Language. The move is in preparation for the new Department of Language and Literature, effective June 1.

Dr. Harland Rall, chair of foreign languages, said the move will be difficult due to timing.

“We have one professor on study abroad who has a daughter giving birth to a granddaughter sometime in May,” Rall said. “For her to be able to come back, pack up and move – this is a challenge.”

Rall said their offices in the administration building must be packed up moved to Chambers. There are several storage closets to be packed up as well.

“We are looking forward to joining the English department as the Language and Literature Department,” Rall said. “They have received us very well.”

Bennett attributes the difficulty of moving to the summer’s busyness.

“Because faculty do so much research and travel during the summer, and because we can’t really move during the year, we have a small window of time to do the physical moving,” Bennett said. “It’s cramped, but we’re trying to get everyone moved by the beginning of summer.”

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