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New dance policy will increase demand for DJs

By Blane Singletary
Posted on March 21, 2012 | Columns | Comments Off on New dance policy will increase demand for DJs

There’s a new dance policy in town, and many student organizations are planning their first dancing events. The men’s and women’s social clubs in particular are getting ready for formal season. If you’re planning one, chances are you’ve already submitted the proper forms to Student Life, but planning your move busting event doesn’t stop there.

In order to dance, you need music. You could go the route of hiring a band, but if you really want to jive this party to the next level, you need a DJ.

Just plugging in your iPhone into a pair of speakers won’t cut it. Yes, we do normally praise technology in this column, but robotics and computers haven’t quite hit the primetime to make it by themselves on the dance floor. Today we are praising humans, equipped with technology.

Professional DJs and hobbyist DJs, such as I, rejoiced at the news that the campus dance policy was getting loosened. Not just because dancing is a good thing, but that there were many more business opportunities to practice our craft. With many in this town alone, it can be difficult to find the right one.

They can be filed into two categories, and both are good in their own types of gigs; some DJs merely keep one song playing after the other, maybe doing a bit of crossfading between tracks, and then there are the DJs like me who like to have fun with it.

Some are skilled enough to mash up and remix songs on the spot. Others prepare their beforehand and still blow people’s minds at the event itself. I mostly fall into the latter category, but I’ve been known to mix in some crazy stuff at the last minute. It’s my dream one day to earn enough skill and prestige to one day play the mega-clubs in Europe, but for now I’m getting by with the garage party gigs, and, not to brag or anything, the occasional invitation to DJ at the Air Force’s Birthday Ball. (which I sadly had to decline…)

The DJ you choose ultimately depends on how well he or she can serve the musical needs of your event. If you want country music, make sure they have a good few hours worth of country music they can play, or at least be willing to secure a large selection in a short amount of time.

But a good DJ is also versatile, and can adapt to a changing party atmosphere, and can throw in a good line-dance in case people start getting tired of the country music. A good DJ can also get the crowd jumping at sad events like going-away parties. Just be sure to talk to and get to know the DJ you’re thinking of hiring, and your event/formal will go swell.

Oh, and by the way, my schedule is open for formal season gigs.

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