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Hoax flier leaves clubs scratching their heads

By Staff
Posted on March 8, 2012 | News | Comments Off on Hoax flier leaves clubs scratching their heads

A student has apologized to members of women’s social clubs Sigma Theta Chi and Ko Jo Kai after posting anonymous fliers announcing a mandatory meeting for members of both social clubs at an off-campus house.

Raymond Lowe, junior management major from Crowley, posted the fliers throughout the Mabee Business Building, leading club advisers and the Office of Student Life to investigate. Club officers and sponsors quickly notified club members the meeting was a hoax.

“I sincerely apologize for the disturbance that I cause today,” Lowe wrote Thursday evening to members of the social clubs. “My actions were ill regarded and completely inappropriate. I did not at all consider the consequences that could arise, and it was never my intention to cause such an issue.”

According to the Office of Student Life, Lowe produced the fliers to advertise his birthday party to Siggies and Kojies, hoping to have more people in attendance. Lowe was required by Student Life to send the apology to each club.

Tom Craig, director of student productions, said university officials do not use fliers to publicize mandatory club meetings.

“If there is ever a mandatory meeting, such events will be communicated through club presidents, club advisers and/or Mark Jackson and the Office of Student Organizations,” Craig said.

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