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Cross-cultural settings enhance understanding

By Farron Salley
Posted on February 23, 2012 | Columns | Comments Off on Cross-cultural settings enhance understanding

Why is it “bad” to be a minority?

I suppose that in today’s politically correct conversations no one will exactly say that is bad to be a minority – but those who are categorized as minorities talk about overcoming it and those who are not minorities argue that they don’t discriminate against them. All of these attitudes have lead to the negative connotation that comes along with being a minority.

The core of being a minority shouldn’t be a “hush hush” topic. I believe truth is something that appears to some, but must revealed to others. Similarly, the reality of being a minority is something to be embraced by those who fall into the category, and something that should desperately be sought by those not naturally placed into such a position.

And honestly, White people are missing out. Race isn’t the only way to define a minority but it’s the one I know best.

The only years I went to my home school –with a majority of minorities– were Pre-K through first grade. From second grade through my high school graduation and now at a private Christian University, I have attended a school where few people look like myself.

Does that bother me? Yes… sometimes. If we’re being realistic here, how many White people go to places where they know in advance they will be the only person like them in the room?

Am I calling White people who only hang with White people racist? Certainly not! I would just like to point out that it’s one thing to flaunt during Black History Month that you have Black friends, it’s another thing to hang out with all of them as opposed to letting one or two of them hang out with all of you.

Don’t only get to know people of different heritages within the confinement of your own culture. Whether I did it knowingly or not, being surrounded by White people has helped me understand parts of their culture.

This clueless state of being is not something that I think White people can help unless a conscious effort is made. Realistically, it’s much easier for a White person to live a happy and prosperous life without blending much into the Black community, but the same does not work in reverse.

I’m not mad, but saddened for my White counterparts. There’s just some unexplainable things you learn about life in general when you’re the minority. I could tell you all the reasons I embrace my position, but you won’t really understand  it until you experience it.

I would like to say that one day we will live in a world where no one is a minority because the content of their character is all that we judge. But whether race, religioius affiliation or today’s heated stigmatism toward people of different sexual orientations, there will always be a minority. Try it out, be a minority or hang with a minortiy of some kind and have fun.

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