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Bonterra Blu introduces new flavors to Abilene area

By Meagan Hernandez
Posted on February 28, 2012 | News | Comments Off on Bonterra Blu introduces new flavors to Abilene area

Bonterra Blu Feature

Chef Joel Trueblood’s mission in life is to change the way people think about food and he is starting right in his own backyard: Clyde, Texas.

“This is where we live and we couldn’t find the things we wanted,” Trueblood said. “So we thought, why don’t we just stop complaining and create it?”

This realization resulted in Bonterra Blu. Serving up a gourmet blend of Texan and Cajun flavors, Bonterra Blu lives up to its motto of “life, food , wine and art.” It it more than just a restaurant, however, it also serves as an art gallery, music venue and cooking school.

“A meal should be an experience. From the taste to the atmosphere,” Trueblood said.

One look around Bonterra Blu and it is obvious that Trueblood takes the experience very seriously.

Exquisite local artwork adorns every crevice of the tiny restaurant. Each piece is available for sell.

“Where else can local artists display their work?” Trueblood said. “There should be no such thing as a starving artist.”

Trueblood supports local musicians as well. Every few weeks the small restaurant is filled with the sounds of an eclectic blend of music, ranging from jazz to acoustic.

The aesthetics may be pleasing, but the food still demands the most attention.

While Trueblood believes in the importance of art and music, he is most passionate about cooking.

“I feel the strongest about the cooking school,” Trueblood said. “Cooking is a lost art. It’s silly that it ever got lost.”

Trueblood decided to offer cooking classes at Bonterra Blu to help spread the word about the importance of cooking.

“My goal is to change the way people think about food and realize how important it is to cook your own food,” Trueblood said.

Each class is taught by Trueblood and focuses on a certain topic. Last month’s topic was titled: “Oil, Vinegar and Spices.”

“Everyone should know how to cook. I mean, people have to eat everyday,” Trueblood said.

Another aspect that sets Bonterra Blu apart is the quality of the ingredients.

“Shopping local should be the standard,” Trueblood said. “I have my own personal farmer; but he isn’t just my farmer, he’s my friend.”

Trueblood believes that having a connection with the ingredients is vital to making great food.

“I can see where it comes from and know that is the freshest product,” Trueblood said.

The passion Trueblood has for food is evident in every meal he prepares for the patrons of Bonterra Blu. His menu changes with each dinner service depending on the ingredients available to him. Each dinner service he offers up a diverse menu, such as chicken fried quail, lamb chops and salmon enchiladas.

“Food, art and music brings people together,” Trueblood said. “That is my goal.”

For more information on Bonterra Blu’s hours, events and reservations, visit the website at

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