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The Poet’s Corner Podcasts (Season 2)

By Dave Smith
Posted on January 11, 2012 | KACU Specials | Comments Off on The Poet’s Corner Podcasts (Season 2)

Season Two (2009-2010)
Hosted by Joshua Jones/Dave Bendinger

The second season of our hit series The Poet’s Corner features more original poems from members of the Abilene community. Some are well-seasoned poets and others are just giving writing a try. Click on the Poem titles below to hear each episode.

Poet: Marsha Harper
Poem: Death Carol
Poem: Mountain
Poem: Carol
Poem: Thank You
Poem: One Perfect

Poet: Van Lebus
Poem: Embrace
Poem: Dive Dive Dive

Poet: Chris Willerton
Poem: Mandrake
Poem: Outlaw

Poet: Connie Williams
Poem: Ginsberg
Poem: The Maiden

Poet: Rose Williams
Poem: Justice

Poet: Bob Fink
Poem: Peace

Poet: B Hill
Poem: Mother Dear

Poet: Allison Fowler
Poem: So Also Faith
Poem: Untitled 1
Poem: Untitled 2

Poet: Angela Hilliard
Poem: Breath
Poem: Beganoose

Poet: Danielle Besch
Poem: First Night
Poem: Laundry Day

Poet: Emily Branam
Poem: You Can Take

Poet: Jordan Smith
Poem: Bulverde

Poet: Kaleigh Wyrick
Poem: Untitled Poem 1
Poem: Untitled Poem 2

Poet: Lydia Melby
Poem: White Noise
Poem: Grace

Poet: Dave Smith
Poem: Valentine’s Day

Poet: Madeline Baker
Poem 1
Poem 2

Poet: Natalie Knowles
Poem 1

Poet: Sherry Nelmes
Poem 1
Poem 2

Poet: Nancy Knowles
Poem 1
Poem 2

Poet: Jaime Dunn
Poem 1
Poem 2

Poet: Joseph Austin
Poem 1

Poet: Keyi Zhou
Poem 1

Poet: Christine Maurer
Poem 1

Poet: Jonathan Holmes
Poem 1

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