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The Poet’s Corner Podcasts (Season 1)

By Dave Smith
Posted on January 4, 2012 | KACU Specials | Comments Off on The Poet’s Corner Podcasts (Season 1)

Season One (2008-2009) Hosted by Dave Bendinger

The first season of our hit series The Poet’s Corner features many original poems from members of the Abilene community. Some are well-seasoned poets and others are just giving writing a try. Click on the Poem titles below to hear each episode.

Poet: Al Haley
Poem: For A Day
Poem: Girl Plays Basketball
Poem: Touch

Poet: Thomas Madrid
Poem: Silence
Poem: Montevideo
Poem: Monster

Poet: Bob Fink
Poem: Peace
Poem: Local Man

Poet: Amanda Rummel
Poem: Three
Poem: Shadowood

Poet: Rose Williams
Poem: For A Day

Poet: Jessica George
Poem: Dance
Poem: Isabelle
Poem: Kayla’s Voice

Poet: Shelley Sanders
Poem: Eye
Poem: Writ
Poem: Friends
Poem: Aqua Divide

Poet: Leilani Smith
Poem: Carry Momma

Poet: Chris Willerton
Poem: Adobe
Poem: Nick

Poet: Kenneth Dinkins
Poem: Men
Poem: Human

Poet: Connie Williams
Don’t Look
Poem: Moon
Poem: Sandstorm
Poem: Zen
Poem: Hancock

Poet: B. Hill
Poem: Don’t Spill
Poem: Habitual Words
Poem: Mother Dear
Poem: Who I Am

Poet: Rob Bell
Poem: Another Place
Poem: Black on Black

Poet: Teresa Villareal
Poem: Cody
Poem: Penance
Poem: Por Que

Poet: Van Lebus
Poem: The Way You Me
Poem: (Untitled)

Poet: Chris Willerton
Poem: Speaker

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