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Delta Theta moves forward with mentors

By Farron Salley
Posted on January 24, 2012 | News | Comments Off on Delta Theta moves forward with mentors

Months after being inactive the members of Delta Theta began to take steps to be rechartered with the selection of three mentors – one of which is Pam Money, wife of Dr. Royce Money, chancellor of the university.

“We went to Pam Money and asked if she would just be willing to give us guidance and change our image,” said junior family studies major Brittany Ellis, a member of the women’s social club. “So she has agreed to be a mentor to get us back on the right track and stay on the right track.”

Among many requirements, the club will need to secure at least two on-campus advisers by May 11 in order to regain an active status. The 17 members of what remains of the club have to perform approved community service hours and submit a comprehensive plan of what changes will be implemented. The girls are already planning for involvement with the Noah Project.

“We want to be more involved in service projects on and off campus and to be seen as more than a social club but a service club,” said Ellis.

The girls gathered in the basement of Chambers Hall on Tuesday for pizza and to meet their new mentors.

“Their indication is that they want to take DT in a different direction, and that’s why I want to help,” Money said. “This is something they do, and we advise.”

Along with Mrs. Money, Pamela Piersall, academic adviser in the Department of English, and Kelly Knight, former DT advisor from the Department of Sociology and Family Studies, will serve as a mentors this semester.

“I want to see more what their idea is of where they want the club to go,” Piersall said.

She said she would like to see the club rechartered and is open to continuing as an adviser. “I was not in a club or sorority in college so I hope I’ll bring that perspective to be more inclusive and not cliquish, and we could build a sisterhood like it should be.”

Ellis said that all of the mentors are strong women who will create a path for DT to follow and she is eager to improve the perception of Delta Theta on campus.

“We’re trying to be more of a Christian example than we have in the past,” said Ellis. “We want to bring Christ back into our club. Not that He ever left, but we want him to be more noticed.”

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