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ACU Summer Academy online application opens on Monday

By Keyi Zhou
Posted on December 9, 2011 | News | Comments Off on ACU Summer Academy online application opens on Monday

Online application for ACU Summer Academy, camps introducing high school students to ACU, opens on Monday, Dec. 12.

Two camps will take place on the ACU campus this summer. The first one lasts for two weeks, from June 10 to 23, and the second session is a one-week camp starting June 24.

Incoming high school juniors and seniors from all over the country can register for the two-week session. They can get up to 4-hours college credits. Students can choose a 3-hour Core course from several option: Introduction to Human Nature, Film and Faith, or The Ethics of Jesus. They can also pick Digital Media, On-site Drawing, or Sketching and Photography as a one-credit elective course. According to the ACU website, each course is designed to include hands-on research, class discussion, and creative real-world application of the principles within that field.

“Hopefully the camps will make a big difference in students’ lives,” said Dr. Kristina Davis (formerly Dr. Campos), director of the honors Summer Academy. “We want them to see that higher educations can be fun, different and innovative. We hope to give them a short taste of ACU and let them know what ACU can do for them in the long term.”

During the two-week camp, students will have the opportunity to go to New Mexico and Colorado to see the UNESCO world heritage sites. Also, the school will introduce participants to the advanced technology environment of ACU by lending everyone an iPad during the camp.

“Summer Academy is designed to give academically-minded high school students a fun and interactive college-level summer experience,” Haley Dilling, the marketing manager for Summer Academy. “It will enable them to develop meaningful relationships and earn college credit in a creative, challenging, hands-on environment and help them to stretch their minds as they explore potential career and college paths.”

The one-week camp is mainly for high school freshmen who want to have a taste of college. They will be able to earn one college credit by selecting from these classes: Debate, Digital Media, Entrepreneurship, Robot-based Problem Solving, and Spies, Secrets and Codes: The Math of Cryptography.

Davis said they expect roughly 40 to 60 students to attend the first camp and 60 to 70 to attend the second one. The fee for the first camp is $1699 and $699 for the next session. Scholarships are available, and there is no extra expense to receive college credit.

High school students all around the country can apply. An application process is required. To get more information or to apply online, students can go to

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