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Miller moved to Hendrick Hospice Care

By Jozie Sands
Posted on November 19, 2011 | Breaking News,News | Comments Off on Miller moved to Hendrick Hospice Care

UPDATE: Pat Miller woke from the coma Saturday evening. Emmett Miller posted on Facebook at 9:30 that she was responsive and asking about people.

“Still not sure what has happened,” he wrote. “Keep praying.”

Pat Miller, who was involved in the Nov. 4 bus accident, has been transferred to Hendrick Hospice in Abilene from Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo, where she was being treated during the last two weeks.

She remains in a coma, and her husband, faculty member Emmett Miller, told friends on Facebook that doctor visits and tests show no brain activity.

He indicated that her living will said she does not want to remain on life support.

“She is in no pain and is at peace,” he wrote. “We are allowing her wishes of going home where she will no longer hurt, but rejoice in heaven with those who have gone before.”

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