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Chapel guest offers insight on relationships

By Keyi Zhou
Posted on October 25, 2011 | News | Comments Off on Chapel guest offers insight on relationships

ACU invited a special speaker, Michael Johnson, to speak in chapel on Monday evening, giving tips of wisdom about relationships to college students.

Michael Johnson is the co-founder of the organization, the Future Marriage University. Johnson has published the three-part series book: TOP10 Marriage Tips For Smart Singles and Forgiveness 101.

Steve Rowlands, the Counseling Center Director of ACU, invited Johnson to speak at ACU.

“The topic of dating is an important area to discuss,” said Rowlands. “Dating can be a great thing but it also brings the possibility of hurt and wrong choices.”

Rowlands said Johnson addressed some specific important areas in dating that are worth knowing for students. He hoped Johnson has made listeners think about relationships and the reasons of dating and to have a general guideline. Even though some students may not agree with all he said, they may test his information and apply his ideas with wisdom.

Johnson’s topic on cChapel was “Friends Don’t Let Friends Date Dumb.” Johnson believes most singles don’t know the difference between “smart dating” and “dumb dating.” He talked about 10 false reasons of dating, including the problems of dating unbelievers and dating for sex or just to solve the “loneliness problem.”

Carissa Lyson, sophomore Psychology and Exercise Science major from Auster, CA, attended Johnson’s chapel.

“I like that he is very honest into the point,” said Lyson. “He gave people overall good advices, especially people of our age. It’s a good timing for us to hear what he says. ”

Lyson said she appreciated Johnson sharing his life experiences honestly. During the time when college students are preparing for marriage, while some have already married, hearing Johnson’s speech was helpful to her and she could connect it with her experiences. But she also wanted to get some Johnson’s advices on how to date a person that was mistreated.

Johnson also give speeches on topics like “How marriage can be more fun than a nudist colony,” “Do you have a license to date?” and “The one thing every college student should know about marriage.” People interested can go to to find more information about the speaker and his ministry.

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