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ACU offers class on relationships

By Keyi Zhou
Posted on October 11, 2011 | News,Showcase | Comments Off on ACU offers class on relationships
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Pam Money leads a discussion on modesty in her Relationships 101 class. (Optimist photo by Adrian Patenaude)

The Department of Sociology is offering students the chance to improve their relationships under the guidance of Pam Money through the one-hour class Relationships 101 every Wednesday.

Money, the wife of Dr. Royce Money, chancellor of the university, has masters degrees in Education and Marriage and Family Therapy. This is the first semester the course has been offered, and about 20 students are taking the course – only four of which are male.

“This is an opportunity to help students learn about relationships,” Money said.

Money said she hopes to equip students to develop good relationships and avoid destructive ones from both a healthy, Christian perspective. She also wants to change the dating style on campus.

“Some students do not date at all while some others get too serious about a relationship in which they may leave God out, putting another person as the most important thing in life” Money said. “Cohabiting also happens on campus, and is not Christian or healthy.”

Money teaches her students to find out who they are as individuals before they start dating. She said it is more important for students to understand who they are than how they feel about their current crush. She also encourages students to have friends of the opposite sex who stay friends.

“Without good relationships with friends of the opposite sex, a person cannot be well-rounded,” Money said.

Money said hesitancy is a big hindrance keeping students from creating good relationships. The class also encourages open communication between the two genders and helps students to know what the opposite sex thinks.

“About clothes, guys are much stricter than girls,” said Money. “Many people just don’t know what the opposite sex is thinking.”

Interaction plays a crucial part in the class. Money said she expects students to be actively involved. A lot of time students like Kelly Lytle, senior marketing from Abilene, find connections between the course and their lives.

“I have heard Mrs. Money speak before, and she had so much wisdom,” Lytle said. “I think relationships with others are such an important part of life. I know I will be making relationships for the rest of my life and I want to be the best person I can be.”

Lytle said she loves learning about people’s motivations and how they interact with each other, but wishes the class met more often and that there was more time for Money to share her personal stories and experiences.

ACU may continue offering the class next year. Students who are interested can get more information from the Sociology Department.

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