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Leadership Summit to prepare lifelong leaders

By Zane Goggans
Posted on September 29, 2011 | News | Comments Off on Leadership Summit to prepare lifelong leaders

The upcoming Leadership Summit will help prepare people to better understand the calling God has on them in all aspects of their lives.

Leadership Summit is a one-week course that juniors and seniors take in the beginning days of January in central Colorado. Guest speakers, teaching sessions, films, reflection and small groups are incorporated to help discover how God made you and what His calling for your life is, according to the Leadership Summit page on the ACU website. Leadership in all aspects of life is discussed during the course.

“We tend to focus on leadership in business, the home, the church and all aspects of your life,” said Dr. Richard Lytle, dean of the College of Business Administration and associate professor of marketing. “God has a call on your whole life.”

Lytle, assistant dean Tim Johnston and assistant professor of marketing Michael Winegeart started Leadership Summit 14 years ago.

Guest speakers in the past have included John Aden, Wal-Mart senior vice president of international operations, Gary Skidmore, president of Harte-Hanks Direct Marketing, and Charlie Paparelli, president and founder of Paparelli Ventures. Lytle keeps a large list of potential speakers, but said the current list will not be made public at this time. The theme for Leadership Summit typically is adjusted based on the speakers who attend.

The course includes cabin lodging in the snow-covered Rocky Mountains at Frontier Ranch in Buena Vista, Colo., in the midst of 14,000-foot mountains mimicking the places Jesus and Moses where would retreat for reflection and prayer. According to the website, many people have claimed Leadership Summit to be the most spiritually significant experience of their lives.

“We’ve heard that for 14 years. It’s a unique experience to radically change the way you look at God,” Lytle said. “Jesus didn’t die for ordinary people to exist.”

This year’s Leadership Summit will take place Jan. 4-9 in Buena Vista, Colo., and will cost about $620. Students who would like to gain three credit hours from the course are required to pay regular tuition rates.

The latest interest meeting took place on Wednesday. Another interest meeting will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 30, at 11 a.m. in COBA 301.

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