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The Effects Of Education Cuts

By Matthew Woodrow
Posted on May 17, 2011 | KACU News | Comments Off on The Effects Of Education Cuts

When the government announced that nationally there would be a deficit, political groups and pundits immediately started hailing what programs needed to be cut to balance the budget. In our state, a similar process is taking place as Texas leaders announced a $29 billion budget shortfall. As with most budget deficits, the first cuts made are typically in arts and education funding. The state has already declared that education will take a cut, and certain aspects of education have been in the process of being cut for a few years. One of them is Sex Ed. While most people might assume that this aspect of education could be taught at home, or that it isn’t a necessary piece of education, others who have been impacted by its role in education would beg to differ. In this story, KACU’s Matthew Woodrow looks at not just the current state of education cuts, but what they could mean to parents, students, and society.

The News At Noon
Reporter: Matthew Woodrow


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