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A New Organic Farm In Abilene

By Zane Goggans
Posted on May 17, 2011 | KACU News | Comments Off on A New Organic Farm In Abilene

Organic is not a new buzz word, but we’re hearing it a lot more these days. With the opening of a new organic grocery on South Clack Street, an infamous member of the Locavore movement making an appearance a few months back at ACU (Joel Salatin), and the locavore movement making a louder noise in our city, a new farm is opening up to further increase the organic food supply. Paul Thomas, founder of Grapevine farm, is opening his doors to welcome in those searching for organic foods and looking to increase the spread of locavore opportunities in the Big Country. KACU’s Zane Goggans has the story.

The News At Noon
Reporter: Zane Goggans (with Keyi Zhou)


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