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Chapel prepares Holy Week

By Matthew Woodrow
Posted on April 14, 2011 | News | Comments Off on Chapel prepares Holy Week

In a series entitled “Holy Week,” Chapel will be taking lessons from the Gospel of John, picking up last semester’s theme.

The Chapels leading up to the Easter break will lead up to focusing on the crucifixion of Jesus.

Mark Lewis, assistant dean for Spiritual Life and Chapel programs, said he thinks this series will help the students focus on the gift that Jesus’ sacrifice was.

“Remembering the death burial and resurrection of Jesus is core to our practice as a Christian community,” Lewis said. “We hope to encourage the ACU community to draw nearer to the Lord and celebrate all he has done for his children.”

Dr. Jack Reese will be leading Wednesday’s Chapel in a Taize-style of worship. This alternative style of worship seeks to clear the mind and focus it on God through prayer, repeated scripture and silent meditation. Jack Reese hopes that Wednesday’s Chapel will reflect the time Jesus spent in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Last year, the Chapel team hosted “Holy Week”for the first time. It decided to conduct the series again this year, following the positive feedback received for the week of contemplation.

Lewis said he hopes this year’s Holy Week will be not only successful but inspirational as well.

“I want this to be a time for us to be renewed and recommissioned through the ‘Good News’ of Jesus’ resurrection,” Lewis said.

Following Easter weekend, Monday’s Chapel will be a Resurrection Celebration to commemorate Jesus’ victory over death and the emancipation of his followers’ sins. Graduate worship intern Luke Baty will be leading the celebration in a Chapel similar to Friday’s Praise Day.

“We all have our own separate churches we go to, but the resurrection still holds power and meaning for all of us, and I believe it’s important to celebrate it together, Baty said. “I like to think of it like Christmas. Many of us celebrate Christmas with lots of different families during the holidays, and this is ACU family celebrating not his birth, but resurrection the Monday after.”

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