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Students should experience local restaurants

By Linda Bailey
Posted on March 7, 2011 | FoodBlog | Comments Off on Students should experience local restaurants

The road trip rulebook clearly states: while on a road trip, travelers should only eat at restaurants they do not have in their hometown.

However, I’m putting a new spin on this classic rule. This month I’m trying to skip the chains and eat at restaurants unique to Abilene.

And it won’t be difficult. What Abilene may lack in size and excitement, it makes up for in small, mom and pop restaurants with unique styles that provide an accessible alternative to the mundane chain.

Need an afternoon coffee pick-me-up? Skip Starbucks and meander to Mezamiz. This hometown, coffee hot spot offers a hot cup of joe and a variety of seating styled for studying or hanging out with friends.

Searching for a warm plate of pasta? Overlook Olive Garden and lean toward Little Italy for a local dish of authentic Italian food. The restaurants boast similar prices, but Little Italy’s food provides a fresh taste to the overly commercialized Olive Garden.

Have a hankering for some Hispanic food? Abandon Abuelos and find Farolitos under the Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge. This local find features authentic paintings, low priced food and a friendly staff – all while Spanish Soap Operas play on TVs in the background.

Looking for a bite of breakfast? Ditch Denny’s and drive to the Dixie Pig. It may not provide as many breakfast menu options, but it’s retro charm and Mr. Pig omelet will keep you full while dining in one of Abilene’s oldest restaurants.

Abilene offers many ways to get your fill while supporting local restaurants and the Abilenians who work hard to maintain them.

So, support your local food providers and let the chains fend for themselves.

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