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‘Crunchetize’ me, Chaplain!

By Laura Acuff
Posted on March 9, 2011 | FoodBlog | Comments Off on ‘Crunchetize’ me, Chaplain!

We’ve all been there, silently cringing as our stomachs rumble loudly through Chapel Guy Mark Lewis’ list of prayer requests. Unfortunately, hunger rarely respects holiness, and on occasion, even the most reverent Chapel attendee needs a snack in order to make it until we can swipe out of Moody.

But to what foods can Moody munchers resort? The Faux pas foods sometimes seem to outnumber appropriate alternatives. Pungent provisions, like aromatic Quizno’s eatables, either repel or attract neighbors and always leave them wishing your sandwich had stayed at home. Crunchy cuisine interrupts would-be speakers as effectively as a grumbling stomach. And Moody Coliseum’s lack of trays or tables means whatever edibles make the cut must be somewhat self-contained.

Individuals who missed breakfast may want to indulge in a smoothie—minus the post-drink slurping, of course—or a sausage biscuit, both easily eatable without utensils or plates. A Ziploc of cereal also may satisfy cravings. Those trying to squeeze in an early lunch may opt for a hearty granola bar or the traditional PB&J sandwich, but watch out for jelly spills. Sticky, strawberry jam-covered seats will distract as much as the ill-timed crunch of an apple. Attendees only seeking to snack should consider peanut M&Ms, trail mix or the always-healthy banana.

Regardless of your preferred provisions, don’t forget to abide by the Scouts’ policy and pack out any trash. Let’s leave Moody Coliseum cleaner than we found it and still exit Chapel less hungry than when we swiped in.

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