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XiangSu Duck cuisine gives you a taste of Chinese Culture

By Keyi Zhou
Posted on February 4, 2011 | FoodBlog | Comments Off on XiangSu Duck cuisine gives you a taste of Chinese Culture

Szechuan Chinese restaurant located at 3425 S 1st St, Abilene, TX. It is my favorite place to enjoy authentic Chinese food, one of which is my favorite dish – XiangSu Duck..

Duck is a common dish in China. In Chinese, XiangSu means fragrant and crispy. The duck was obliviously soused with special ingredients. While the skin become crispy, the meat underneath is tender, warm and has a special smell that reminds me of my grandma’s cooking.

The duck is chopped into even size and arranged well with flower decorations aside. It China, a good dish must be all excellent in aroma, color and taste. The duck is served with a small bowl of special sauce and the white lower half of raw green onion. The sauce tastes somewhat sweet, salty and soyly. It gives me a special feeling when I put a little bit of the sauce on the tip of my tongue.

You are supposed to dip the duck into the sauce before you eat the meat. Meat gives me a taste of grease; eating too much makes me sick. This is why the green onion chops are there. Dipping the raw green onion in the sauce and chew it in my mouth can be acrid, but also piquant. The different flavor will stimulate your gustatory sense, which makes the duck tastes even better.

Eating raw green onion with sauce is a diet culture in Northern China, and duck is a famous and popular dish. If American gourmets are willing to have a try, they will have quite a culture experience.

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