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Chocolate Crepe Hops Your Morning

By Keyi Zhou
Posted on February 17, 2011 | FoodBlog | Comments Off on Chocolate Crepe Hops Your Morning

Chocolate is many people’s favorite snack, and I am definitely not an exception. IHOP, the International House of Pancakes, serves a gourmet named the International Crepe Passport. It gives me a perfect taste of a chocolate breakfast — nutella wrapped inside hot crepe, with hot strawberry and syrup and cream on top, being sprinkled with fine sugar. Eating the crepe alone can be too sugary, and that’s why this dish is accompanied with eggs and bacon.

When I go to IHOP, most of the time, the International Crepe Passport is my choice. I am indulged in the taste of chocolate with crepe. It’s warm, soft, and somewhat crispy. The fragrance of the strawberry adds special feeling to the dish. The cream is like the frost on a cake – it upgrades the quality of the whole.

However, health can be a concern when you order this gourmet. Dark chocolate is the healthiest choice among kinds of chocolates, and nutella is not a bad one either. However, the International Crepe Passport is preferred as breakfast. From the point of nutrition, breakfast should be kept lean, and consuming too much sugar in the morning will surge you up quickly, but you get tired very soon. Furthermore, two eggs and four strips of bacon are too rich for breakfast. As much delicious as the International Crepe Passport can be, it is not a good choice of people who have diabetes, nor should be a regular choice as breakfast for all.

To taste gourmet is one of the most enjoyable thing for most of us. When you go to IHOP, why not give up pancakes and give a shoot to the International Crepe Passport?

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