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New students adjust to campus construction

By Zane Goggans
Posted on August 20, 2010 | News | Comments Off on New students adjust to campus construction

As freshmen settle in for their first week of classes, they are also dealing with campus construction.

The  new students have already been at ACU a week, allowing time to figure out where everything is. However, construction has been a factor in the freshmen’s acquaintance with the campus. The new students have had to take alternate routes and inconvenient side trips to get to class, dorms, chapel, the library, the McGlothlin Campus Center and the Robert D. and Shirley Hunter Welcome Center.

ACU is currently undergoing construction near Moody Coliseum and between the Sherrod Building and Brown Library, both of which are gated off. The construction also has a small portion of the parking lot behind the library gated off, as well as some parking by the Bible building, adding to difficulties with move-in and Welcome Week.

Some new students have no issue with the dirt-digging. Freshman biochemistry major, Liz Lurz of San Antonio, is not bothered by the construction.

“[The construction] is sort of frustrating, but not really. I just try to avoid it,” Lurz said.

Some freshmen are not so accepting of the new campus updates. Being in a new place with the mixture of frustrating detours has freshman information systems major, Josh Clarke of San Antonio, irritated with walking around school.

“It gets annoying at times,” Clarke said, “It’s extra exercise to get to class.”

Not all students have a hard opinion on the construction, however. Transfer student, Bailey Griffith of Belen, New Mexico has an entirely different outlook. Coming from the University of New Mexico, she has seen this before.

“There’s a lot of construction at UNM, so I’m used to it,” Griffith said “It looks like ACU cares a lot, they really look like they are trying to fix things.”

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