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Loop line construction nears completion

By Kelsi Williamson
Posted on August 31, 2010 | News | Comments Off on Loop line construction nears completion
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Campus heating and cooling loop line renovations will wrap up within the next 20 days, while the Royce and Pam Money Student Recreation and Wellness Center project remains in its early stages, said Zane Dennis, executive director of facilities and campus development.

The completion date for all major loop line construction is set for Oct.15.  After this date, repaving and sodding will complete the loop line project.

“There is no reason we shouldn’t meet that,” said Dennis. “We’re very close to finishing that off.”

The last phase of the heating and cooling system construction is concentrated on the east side of the Hardin Administration building and on the north side of Brown Library. Nine buildings are already running off of the new line that will eventually support 23 buildings on campus.

Kevin Roberts, chief planning and information officer, apologized for the inconveniences caused by fenced-off areas and detours around campus.

“I know it’s a pain, said Roberts. “At some point you just have to do it.”

Roberts said three crews worked during the summer finish as much construction as possible before students returned to campus three weeks ago. Over a year’s worth of planning for the  $5 million project took place before the much-needed update began last spring, Roberts said.

Structural and electrical work continues to be the focus for construction on the rec center. Roughly 170 of 330 structural piers have been drilled at the building site, and the basement walls are framed and poured, Dennis said.

“It’s going to be a phenomenal building,” Dennis said. “There is not a space like it in Abilene.”

Although plans are now about 50 days behind schedule, according to the Student Recreation and Wellness Center blog, Dennis said there is no reason for concern regarding whether the contractors will finish all work by fall 2011.

Roberts agreed and asked for students to be patient with recreation center construction.

“People need to know that’s not a big deal. We can make time up,” Roberts said.

Dennis said as both projects progress on campus, it is important that people remain aware of work zones. He said the construction crews work hard to avoid safety hazards and make sure all construction is fenced off.

“Students just need to be very conscious of their surroundings,” he said. “If they do that, we can avoid any accidents.”

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