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Intramural Volleyball moved to Fall

By Zane Goggans
Posted on August 31, 2010 | Sports | Comments Off on Intramural Volleyball moved to Fall

Students who love to play volleyball have something sweet in store for them this year.  The intramural volleyball season will start this fall.

With the absence of waterball this year, volleyball was moved to the fall semester. Waterball was a popular sport among many social clubs last year but will no longer be available for intramurals, because the swimming pool is under construction. Two new pools are in the process of construction, eliminating any possibility for play this year.

Director of Intramural Sports Kenli Edwards said that waterball was an added burden to scheduling other sports. With its elimination, other intramurals such as basketball, football and soccer will have longer seasons. Each of these sports will also have more games added to their schedules. Edwards hopes that longer seasons will bring many more participants in these sports.

“It’s going to be a lot easier.” Edwards said. “ [Waterball] was just too much.”

Madison Dennis, a sophomore information systems technology major from New Braunfels, is looking forward to the opportunity of playing volleyball in the fall. Dennis has not participated in volleyball but has participated in other intramurals in the past. He hopes to become team captain, because he wants to name the team ‘The Iron Thighs’, but said he will settle for anything.

“I’m really just looking to spike the ball,” Dennis said. “That’s just really hard to do because I’m 5’7.”

Jonathan Pruitt, sophomore criminal justice major from Recife, Brazil, is considering playing for a social club. He is considering pledging Galaxy or Trojans and playing for one of their teams, or just creating his own squad. Last year, Pruitt played intramural waterball and soccer. The athleticism of volleyball intrigues Pruitt the most.

Pruitt said, “I’ve played basketball all my life, so I like jumping sports.”

Volleyball sign-ups will be Oct. 20-27, and the cost is $75 per team. The volleyball season will begin on Nov. 1 and continue until one week before finals begin. The tournament to determine the champion will be single-elimination style for both recreational and championship leagues. All volleyball games will be held in Bennett Gymnasium.

Sign-ups will be available online at

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