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Coach has Wildcats winning in style

By Zane Goggans
Posted on February 18, 2010 | Sports | Comments Off on Coach has Wildcats winning in style

By Zane Goggans

The Wildcat baseball team, with its 7-1 record, looks good this season, in more ways than one.


The uniforms the ‘Cats sport every game have a lot to do with that. The Wildcats show off a different style in each game by mixing and matching their uniforms; the team has six or seven tops and three bottoms to choose from. And with 21 different ways to match, the Wildcat uniforms look fresh and different each time.

Britt Bonneau, in his 14th season as ACU baseball head coach, gets the opportunity to present the team with new uniforms. The team will often have fundraisers to pay for incoming uniforms, but Bonneau said the budget usually allows for at least one new set of uniforms about every other year.

Bonneau, former Oklahoma standout, designs the baseball uniforms himself, and he is proud to distinguish ACU from other teams by looking into the past.

“I tend to look at the old-time styles of uniforms and try to replicate those,” Bonneau said. “I love the look of baseball teams from the ’30s, ’40s, ’50s and ’60s.”

Many of the uniform ideas have come from current teams, as well. Bonneau gets much of his inspiration from Major League uniforms, and he pays particular attention to the Boston Red Sox. He likes the traditional look of the Red Sox and tries to bring the look to his team. The current Wildcat uniforms have many typefaces and number styles that mimic the Sox’.

“I’m pretty big on stirrups, pinstripes, and I also like the pant legs that are up at the knees,” Bonneau said.

But the Red Sox are not the only source of influence for the Wildcats. The company that makes the uniforms sends ideas for Bonneau to choose from, providing the team with virtually unlimited possibilities. And Bonneau will make sure they take full advantage of them, as he continues his efforts to make the ‘Cats look good on the field and in the win column.

“It’s just one of the perks of my job as the coach,” he said.

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