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Siggies, Kinsmen take first Sing Song Cup

By Staff
Posted on February 21, 2010 | News,Showcase | 7 comments
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“Phiwalkers,” cupcakes and the British Royal Guard yelled, screamed and cheered as the Sing Song 2010 winners were announced Saturday night.



“I feel like everyone was at their top tonight,” said Megan Faver Hartline, senior English major from Lufkin. “They just put on a great show.”

In the women’s division, Sigma Theta Chi swept all categories – most entertaining, best vocals, audience favorite and overall – with their Betty Crocker tribute, breaking Ko Jo Kai’s two-year winning streak. The Kojies’ Cinderella act earned them second place, followed by the Pac-women of Alpha Kai Omega in third.

“I congratulate the Siggies,” said Kat Bailey, assistant director for Kojies and junior musical theatre major from Sugar Land. “I’m proud to call them my sisters in Christ.”

Gamma Sigma Phi surpassed Galaxy’s Buzz and Woody act to take first overall in the men’s division. GSP and Galaxy placed first and second respectively in every category Saturday night, and Frats surprised some in the audience by taking third overall.

“We had seen Galaxy. We knew they were good, they were funny, and we knew we had to keep our energy up,” said Conner Halstead, GSP director and senior youth and family ministry major from Odessa. “Winning Sing Song is one of the best things in the world.”

The freshmen turned out to have the best class act, winning first overall for the first time since 2006. The senior hobbits came in a close second with Destroy the Ring By Spring, and the princes and princesses of the sophomore class took third.

“We worked really hard; we practiced to the extreme; we got really pumped and were really confident,” said Jaime Metscher, freshman English major from Austin. “It was great.”

Besides awarding a trophy for the first time in Sing Song history, co-chairs shook up this year’s event by giving each overall winner $1,000 to donate to the charity of their choice, as long as it was affiliated with ACU in some way. Audience members were given an opportunity to donate to the pool during intermission.

Although each act had the option of choosing its own charity, all three winners opted to donate their prize to Jenny Bizaillion, a former member of Ko Jo Kai who was hospitalized about two weeks ago with pneumonia that turned into sepsis. The illness has resulted in several amputations and may require more. The money will be donated through the Gregg Pearson Foundation; further donations can be made at

“Tonight I think we were reminded what this whole thing is about – to glorify God,” said Ann Marie Rauscher, Siggie director and junior vocal performance major from Amarillo. “This one is for Jenny Bizaillion.”

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7 Responses for “Siggies, Kinsmen take first Sing Song Cup”

  1. avatar jake_tipton says:

    Dude! Unexpected high five for the Optimist!

  2. avatar j.bentley05 says:

    I was curious to see whether or not the Optimist was really this poor in fact checking. But if you read the article it actually says that GSP and Galaxy placed first and second respectively in every category SATURDAY NIGHT. Appearance was judged on Saturday afternoon. That is all.

  3. avatar mollierms says:

    As an alumna of ACU & Sing Song, I am so glad the decision was made for the prize money to go to a charity, not just to the club or organization itself. And I’m proud of the Siggies, Gamma Sigs, and freshmen for donating to the Bizaillions. You met a specific need, and I am proud of you. Great show, everyone. One of the best we’ve seen in recent years.

  4. avatar aeacu says:

    Haha I can agree with you there. I think all clubs can unite around a general dislike of the Optimist.

  5. avatar j says:

    the set was dark, which is one reason it did not place first. Thats not the topic of the post. the topic was the optimists failure to accurately report. as usual. just like in the sing song win predictions when they called the siggies the reigning champs. the siggies had not won in two years. the optimist needs to start proofreading and fact checking.

  6. avatar aeacu says:

    Bleak and dark background…. um, like SPACE

  7. avatar j says:

    perhaps the optimist should check its facts. GSP did not place first in every category. They in fact placed second in appearance, as galaxy’s beautifully colored set surpased the bleak dark back ground that GSP built in sewell auditorium

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