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President scatters undeserved blame

By Special Contributor
Posted on February 2, 2010 | Letters to the Editor | Comments Off on President scatters undeserved blame

Dear Editor:

On Wednesday evening, we saw something extraordinary. We saw a president who has lost the confidence of the American people blame everyone but himself. He lectured the Supreme Court justices, complained about Senate procedure and pointed the finger of blame yet again at his predecessor. But the most disturbing lack of leadership was when he, as one of the biggest spenders in American history, gave the country a lecture about the dangers of spending too much.

Incredible! After President Obama increased domestic spending by 24 percent from the last Bush budget, he now claims he’s found religion and wants to control spending. If he were really serious about slowing down spending, he would cancel his $1.2 trillion nationalized health care plan. He would also cancel his cap-and-trade plan that will raise costs on every homeowner in America, and he would rescind his efforts to increase the debt limit to its highest level in history.

Of course, President Obama won’t do any of these things because he’s not serious about controlling spending. He won’t do it because he’s not a businessman and does not understand how the marketplace works.

I have been in small business for 38 years, and I know in business you can’t spend more than you make. That is why I would call for a reduction in spending to pre-Obama levels. This reduction, in addition to a new round of tax cuts, would generate growth in our economy, which will generate revenue for our government.

The key to recovery is for the president and this administration to unleash our greatest asset – the drive and creativity of the American people.

These are simple concepts, widely understood by small business leaders and main-street Americans. But they are not well understood by politicians and lobbyists in Washington. That’s why if we want real change in Washington, we need to send real business leaders who will pursue national policy that makes sense and saves dollars.



105th Texas Secretary of State

and Candidate for United States Senate

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